Standing with Ukraine.

Attaching a photograph here showing the point at which the French Canadian branch of my family tree joined with the Ukrainian branch. May, 1936. I’ve been moved to apply my artistic efforts towards some form of meaningful/concrete support to the Ukraine.

I’ve reworked one of my more popular designs. First, the background colour was laid down as a tribute to the Ukrainian flag then a hand carved linoleum block, using black paint, was used to print the central detail. Final touches were added using fine brushes. These signed and numbered limited edition paintings (5 reusable shopping bags and 19 cloth panels) are heat-set and washable, look amazing all while signalling  support for Ukraine.

I will begin raffling these off, one at a time, as a fundraiser in support of Ukraine. .

All of the funds raised in the raffling of these pieces will be forwarded to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress ( in support of Ukraine.


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